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Ajjas – GPS Tracker for Bike, Motorcycle, Scooty etc with Android & iOS app (Made in India) (Optimizer, 3 Months Data)

Price: ₹ 5,999.00 - ₹ 3,049.00
(as of Apr 22,2021 10:40:54 UTC – Details)


Product Description

Ajjas LogoAjjas Logo

Ajjas is a 100% Made In India & is registered with the Startup India initiative of the government of India.

Patented technology detects accidents (in case of two-wheelers) & thefts (all vehicles) & communicate it to the emergency contacts & to the rider.

Along with this Ajjas comes with a host of features to the two-wheeler/car/commercial vehicle owners that helps them better manage their rides & monitor various statistics.

Ajjas Smart Device comes with a very simple installation. No wire is cut during the installation process. Ajjas installation doesn’t void any warranties!

Complete List of Product Features:

Accident Detection Theft DetectionFall DetectionMotion AlertTamper AlertEngine On AlertMonitor Your RidesEmergency AlertLocation SharingFuel Consumption & Running AverageLive StatisticsRide PlaybackRoute & TripsSpeed limit notifications (Web Application)Geo-Fencing (Web Application

Post-installation Ajjas has achieved fantastic numbers and continues to add value to the lives of travelers/riders. There are a few highlights listed so far.

Thefts Saved: 59Accidents Detected: 10,340+Major Accidents Detected: 52Lives Saved: 49

Live Location TrackingLive Location Tracking

Easily Track and Share Live Location Without Exception

Share the vehicle’s current running location and past trips with family and friends, the built-in GPS tracker helps the rider to instantly share the location.

Accident Alert

Accident Alert

Detailed Stats

Detailed Stats

Fuel Tracking

Fuel Tracking

Accident Alert

Intimates 3 emergency contact numbers previously saved through a phone call when a two-wheeler crashes into an accident.

Detailed Statistics

Get complete details of your previous rides instantly saved in the Ajjas Android/iOS mobile app.

Details Statistics include: Distance Travelled, Total Time Duration, Average Speed, Top/Maximum Speed, Maximum Lean Angle, Fuel Spending.

Fuel Tracking

Check fuel efficiency, and spendings of rides with Ajjas smart fuel calculations and see the total fuel consumed in particular rides.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Save Share Playback Rides

Save Share Playback Rides

Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert

Anti-Theft and Other Smart Alerts

Turn a regular vehicle into a smart one with a plethora of smart alerts and, notifications from Ajjas Smart Device and save from thefts along with other benefits.

Smart alerts include: Ignition On, Ignition Off, Vibration Sensed, Over-speed Alert, Motion Sensed Alert.

Store and Playback Rides

Playback automatically stored rides in 3D. Come back anytime and look at any details be it speed, location, distance travelled, average speed or maximum speed from a particuar ride.

Emergency Alert

A special feature available to get help to rider from a community of other riders travelling or residing in nearby areas.

Press the Emergency button on the dashboard to let nearby Ajjas users know you are stuck in the position and needs help.

Easy InstallationEasy Installation

15 Minutes Easy DIY Installation

Hassle-free installation. Just connect two wires with battery and you are good to go.

Ajjas Optimizer

Ajjas Maximizer

Ajjas Optimizer

Ajjas Maximizer

Accident Alert

Fall, Tamper, Motion Alerts

Ignition On/Off Alert

Track Fuel Consumption

Share Rides



Save Rides

60 Days


Top Speed


Device Limit

Add upto 5 Devices in 1 App

Add upto 10 Devices in 1 App

Login Limit

2 people can login at a time

4 people can login at a time

Sim Card Data Plan

12 Months/ 6 Months/ 3 Months / 1 Month

12 Months/ 6 Months/ 3 Months

Accident Alert (For 2Ws only): Ajjas device initiates a call to 3 emergency No’s when the 2 wheeler meets with an accident.
Stationary Fall Alert (For 2Ws only): When the 2 wheeler is parked and experiences a fall, it notifies you.
Ajjas comes with Motion Alert, Engine ON/OFF notification and inbuilt SIM. We do not cut any wires of the vehicle. It doesn’t consume any battery when the vehicle is not moving & the engine is off.
From day one to the last day we are protecting you. There is a dedicated after-sales support team.



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